Calvin Hunt, Jr.
Raven to Sun Transformation Costume, 1986

Second Floor, Hoffman Wing

Unknown Nasca
Double Spouted Jar, ca. 100/700

Second Floor, Hoffman Wing

Tamil Nadu, India
Shiva Natarāja, 11th-12th century

First Floor, Main Building


Around the Galleries

With Curator of Native American Art Deana Dartt-Newton

For me, artistic expression of every kind is intensely spiritual. For as long as I can remember I have found ways to “connect” with a spiritual world through paint, dance, and music, as well as ceremony of a more formal nature. Today, I watch my daughter Allukoy explore her world through these media and through her I am rediscovering all that moves me in profound, some would say “spiritual” ways. This week I pondered my role as curator, exploring the galleries for the first time, and I was struck by how often art is used to please, or summon, or simply depict the spirit world—universally across time and space. Whether such art portrays the ceremony itself or is the means by which communities call the gods to ceremony, these works which are inextricably linked to the great mysteries can be found here in these hallowed halls.

As I enter into this role of curator, my goal is to be a conduit between the Museum’s collections and the communities we serve—providing access to these incredible expressions of beauty and spirit. The works I have chosen are just a few examples of spirit/gods/ceremony/sacred to be found in our galleries. I invite you to come in for a little spiritual renewal.

Beijing, China or Chengde, China
Amitāyus (Wuliangshou fo), 1779-1780

First Floor, Main Building

Oliver Lee Jackson
Untitled No. 6, 1978

Third Floor, Jubitz Center

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