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View highlights of January’s Artist Talk in which Tahni Holt discusses Fold (2011) by John Grade.
View highlights of February’s Artist Talk in which Tim DuRoche discusses Untitled (Self-Portrait) by Anna Belle Crocker.

View highlights of March’s Artist Talk in which Paulann Petersen discusses Mask, ca 1860, by Unknown Nisga’a.
View highlights of April’s Artist Talk in which Lucinda Parker discusses Vicino di Qui by Jack Portland and The Rape of Europa by Michael Spafford.

View highlights of May’s Artist Talk in which Ariana Jacob discusses Richard Serra’s The American Flag is Not an Object of Worship, 1989.
View highlights of June’s Artist Talk in which Jon Raymond discusses Philip Guston’s Migration, 1978 and Untitled, 1969.

View highlights of July’s Artist Talk in which Judy Cooke discusses The Mill by Max Beckmann and Corinthian Tilt by Robert Hanson.
View highlights of August’s Artist Talk in which Matthew Dickman discusses Pepper Shaker by Ralph Goings.

View highlights of September’s Artist Talk in which Corey Arnold discusses Approximately 17 of 41 Sperm Whales that Beached and Subsequently Died, Florence, Oregon by Joel Sternfeld.
View highlights of October’s Artist Talk in which Linda Austin discusses 7 Objects/69 including David Bradshaw’s Tears; Eva Hesse’s Enclosed; Stephen Kaltenbach’s Fire; Bruce Nauman’s Record; Alan Saret’s Untitled; Richard Serra’s Rolled, Encase & Sawed; and Keith Sonnier’s Plaster Cast in Satin.

View highlights of November’s Artist Talk in which Barry Sanders discusses three works by Henri Matisse: Haitienne; Tête d’homme, fond fleuri [Joan Massia] (Head of a Man, Flowered Background); and Back.
View highlights of December’s Artist Talk in which Henk Pander discusses Portrait of Cardinal Domenico Rivarola by Sir Anthony van Dyck.