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TJ Norris

View highlights of March’s Artist Talk in which TJ Norris discusses Incomplete Cube by Sol Lewitt and Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise, Series F.


Michael Knutson

View highlights of April’s Artist Talk in which Michael Knutson discusses two landscape paintings from the 17th century: Mercury and Herse by French painter Thomas Blanchet and The Shintō Shrines of Itsukushima and Waka no ura by an unknown Japanese workshop.


Pat Boas

View highlights of May’s Artist Talk in which Pat Boas discusses Untitled, 1969, by Philip Guston and John McCracken’s Black Box, 1965.


Randy Gragg

View highlights of June’s Artist Talk in which Randy Gragg discusses the Museum’s main building as a work of art.


Blake Perlingieri

View highlights of July’s Artist Talk in which Blake Perlingieri discusses selections from the Mesoamerican and South American collection featuring loans from The Nomad Collection, Portland.


Jeffry Mitchell

View highlights of August’s Artist Talk in which Jeffry Mitchell discusses Bear-shaped vessel by an unknown Chinese artist.


Wendy Red Star

View highlights of September’s Artist Talk in which Wendy Red Star discusses Elks Tooth Dress and Moccasin Case.


Jacqueline Ehlis

View highlights of October’s Artist Talk in which Jacqueline Ehlis discusses A George III Argyle by Wakelin & Taylor and Still Life of Flowers and Fruit by Severin Rosen.


Carson Ellis

View highlights of November’s Artist Talk in which Carson Ellis discusses Homesteaders by Arthur Runquist.


Arcy Douglass

View highlights of December’s Artist Talk in which local artist and critic Arcy Douglass discusses Mount Hood, an 1869 oil on canvas painting by Albert Bierstadt.