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Stephen Hayes

View highlights of January’s Artist Talk in which Stephen Hayes discusses J. Alden Weir’s portrait of C.E.S. Wood.


Joan Gratz

View highlights of February’s Artist Talk in which local artist Joan Gratz discusses Useful Art #5: The Western Motel by Nancy Reddin Kienholz and Edward Ralph Kienholz and Helen with Apples by George Segal.


Matthew Stadler

View highlights of March’s Artist Talk in which artist Matthew Stadler discusses Mark Tobey’s Western Town, 1944, and Whiting Tennis’ Bitter Lake Compound, 2007.


James Lavadour

View highlights of April’s Artist Talk in which James Lavadour, a self-taught painter, discusses Max Beckmann’s oil painting The Mill, 1947.


Jeff Jahn

View highlights of May’s Artist Talk in which Jeff Jahn discusses Dan Flavin’s Untitled (To Donna) 2 and Anne Truitt’s Bonne.


Storm Tharp

View highlights of this Artist Talk in which Storm Tharp discusses the biographical, philosophical, and aesthetic building blocks shared by Agnes Martin’s painting Untitled #15 and Shirakura Jihô’s four-paneled literati painting, Visiting A Mountain Recluse.


Chris Rauschenberg

View highlights of this Artist Talk in which Chris Rauschenberg discusses Usubata by Tamagawa Mitsukiyo, Doorknob by Ruth Bernhard, and the Museum’s presentation Private Passions: Snuff Bottles and Ceramic Jarlets.


Nan Curtis

View highlights of this Artist Talk in which Nan Curtis discusses John McCracken’s Black Box, 1965.


Ethan Rose

View highlights of October’s Artist Talk in which Ethan Rose discussed Robert Irwin’s sculpture, Untitled, sprayed enamel on aluminum, 1966/1967.


Matt McCormick

View highlights of November’s Artist Talk in which Matt McCormick discussed two gelatin silver prints by Elliott Erwitt: Madrid, 1995, and Las Vegas, 1954.


Chas Bowie

View highlights of December’s Artist Talk in which Chas Bowie discussed Study for Klaus, a gelatin silver print with graphite and ink by Chuck Close.