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Jessica Jackson

View highlights of January’s Artist Talk in which Jessica Jackson Hutchins lead a discussion about Philip Guston’s painting “Untitled” (1969).


Kristan Kennedy

View highlights of February’s Artist Talk in which Kristan Kennedy discussed Renoir’s bronze sculpture “Venus Victorieuse.”


Namita Wiggers

View highlights of March’s Artist Talk in which Namita Wiggers discusses Marcel Duchamp’s “Boîte-en-valise, Series F.”


Jelly Helm

View highlights of April’s Artist Talk in which Jelly Helm discusses “Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior” by Roy Lichtenstein and “Georges Family Reunion, Portland, Oregon” by Paul Georges.


Brian Libby

View highlights of May’s Artist Talk in which Brian Libby discusses Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña’s “The Forest at Fontainebleau” (1864).


Harrell Fletcher

View highlights of June’s Artist Talk in which Harrell Fletcher discusses two paintings by local artist David Rosenak.


Michael Brophy

View highlights of July’s Artist Talk in which Michael Brophy discusses Chaim Soutine’s “Le Petit Pâtissier” (The Little Pastry Cook), 1921.


Chris Johanson

View highlights of August’s Artist Talk in which Chris Johanson discusses Henk Pander’s “The Bombardier” (2003).


Arnold Kemp

View highlights of October’s Artist Talk in which Arnold Kemp discusses Untitled #15 (1980) by Agnes Martin.


Vanessa Renwick

View highlights of November’s Artist Talk in which Vanessa Renwick discusses Alice Neel’s Pregnant Woman (1967) and Drex Brooks’ Brad and Jesse Scoping Deer, Oregon (1985).


Lois Leveen

View highlights of December’s Artist Talk in which Lois Leveen discusses Almanac by Marie Watt.