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For consideration of inclusion on the Gallery’s artist roster, artists must:

  • be a resident of Oregon or Vancouver, Washington
  • have previously had work accepted and hung in a juried show
  • have furnished an artist’s biographical data form (application)
  • have received an invitation to submit work to the Gallery.


The Art Selection Committee of the Rental Sales Gallery determines which artists shall be invited to submit work to the Gallery and which works shall be accepted. Artists may submit works previously entered but not accepted. Please do not submit works that have previously been in the Gallery’s inventory.

All artwork in the Gallery’s inventory is juried, and the jury results are final. If artwork is not accepted, artists may re-submit a new piece for ‘sold’ works, but not for Gallery shows.



The artist may bring work to the Gallery after receipt of an invitation, or to replace a sold piece within one year of its sale. The work should be delivered on days specified on the invitation or during regular business hours — (10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday), or at other times as designated. No artwork will be accepted on Sundays unless absolutely necessary. Unaccepted work must be picked up within 30 days after artist notification. Transportation of artwork to and from the Gallery is the responsibility of the artist.

If an artist removes an artwork for any reason, it may be returned to the Gallery only one time. If the artist removes artwork a second time, it may not be returned. The Gallery reserves the right to keep works for at least six months before any return request.- A rental contract may not be interrupted for any reason.


All artwork must be durably framed and wired for hanging, with no sharp edges or protruding knobs, points, screws, etc. Works should be no larger than 6’ x 7’, for transportation purposes. It is suggested that flat mirror hangers be used. Prints and watercolors should be covered by glass or plexi-glass. Frames should project at least 1/4″ beyond the face of the artwork so pieces can be stored without damage. It is suggested that artworks not be of unreasonable weight, for average installation situations. Wraparound canvases are difficult to handle, and will only be accepted with the artist’s consent and understanding of our storage limitations.

Artists submitting diptychs and triptychs may not submit a piece with an overall width greater than 6 feet. When submitting these, only one title and price should be listed for the whole group. Artists that wish to sell one section of a diptych or triptych separately must indicate this on his/her artist agreement. Titles and prices for single sections will only be referred to on the artist agreement, not on title cards. Gallery staff will refer to the artist agreement when responding to client inquiries.



Label the back of each piece with your name and the work’s title, medium, and dimensions including its frame (height x width). The Gallery places identifying envelopes on the right lower corner of the back of artworks; please do not label work in that area. Masonite panels will not allow our envelopes to stick, and, if large, they are very heavy for our volunteers and patrons; please refrain from using them. Small masonite panels may be permitted with added backing for adhering Gallery information.



Accepted artwork that has not sold or rented in over six months must be picked up by the artist within 30 days after notification, unless other arrangements are made. Gallery insurance does not cover this work 30 days after notification has been sent.