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Portland Art Museum building

Division Heads

  • Director and Chief Curator, Brian Ferriso
  • Director of Development, Karie Burch
  • Director of Northwest Film Center, Amy Dotson
  • Director of Learning and Community Partnerships, Mike Murawski
  • Chief Financial Officer, Gareth Nevitt
  • Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Donald Urquhart

Department Heads

  • Director of Operations, Mohammed Aiyaz Ali
  • Director of Communications, Laura Bartroff
  • Human Resources Director, Celeste Brannon
  • The Minor White Curator of Photography (Curatorial Rep for FY20), Julia Dolan
  • Major Gifts Officer, John Goodwin
  • Director of Membership, Lisa Hoffman
  • Associate Director of Programs, Stephanie Parrish
  • Northwest Film Center Development Manager, Rachel Record
  • Northwest Film Center Exhibition Program Manager & Programmer, Morgen Ruff
  • Director of Technology, Andrew Ruginis
  • Director of Education Northwest Film Center, Ellen Thomas