Samantha Wall. Cast Off II, Ink on paper.

CNAA Artist Feature: Samantha Wall

Contemporary Northwest Art Awards (CNAA) Arlene Schnitzer Prize-winner Samantha Wall draws her portraits about the emotions and shared backgrounds of identifying as a multi-racial woman. Growing up with a diverse background in South Korea and the American South, Wall faced obstacles of navigating between cultural histories and social boundaries that constantly questioned and threatened her identity.

In Wall’s permanent studio in Portland, she stages photography sessions with models, and engages in conversation with each of them. Some of her conversations involve broad and political details, while others are more intimate and personal. However, each conversation has the same purpose, which is to contribute experiences of being a multi-cultural woman. Wall communicates her work with a powerful emotional state that separate’s one’s sense of self from their body using only charcoal and graphite that build a supple, and interlaced texture of marks.

Join Wall and fellow CNAA artist Dana Lynn Louis on March 19 from 2:00-3:00 for a lively conversation with Bonnie Laing-Malcomson, Curator of Northwest Art and organization of the exhibition.

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