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Contest extended through November 30, 2014

In this participatory design contest, we challenge you to use the free X-Ray Goggles tool to modify and curate your own version of the Museum homepage using our Online Collections website in original and creative ways.

About the Contest

In this global contest, we invite you to create and curate a customized version of the Museum homepage based on one of two themes: Kinship or Transformation. Winning Remixers’ creations will be linked to the Museum’s online presence for one month, and will be featured on Mozilla Webmaker sites like Portland area winners will receive complimentary tickets to the Portland Art Museum. Winners outside of Portland will receive a set of tickets to the local art museum or gallery of their choice.

Remixers are encouraged to share their creation on social media with the hashtag #PDXCollectionsRemix.


Why Remix?


The Internet presents cultural heritage institutions with a unique opportunity to engage global audiences and make their collections more discoverable and connected than ever, allowing users not only to enjoy the riches of the world’s memory institutions, but also to contribute, participate and share. By working with free and open digital tools, we can empower museum-goers not only to view but also to create their own gallery experiences.

See for more information on how galleries, libraries, archives and museums are promoting free and open access to digital cultural heritage.


Contest Guidelines


Here’s how to participate:

  1. Open the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles bookmarklet (see next section)
  2. Use the Museum’s Online Collections website to curate a set of images that do not have copyright restrictions.
  3. Choose one of two themes: Kinship or Transformation. Remix the Museum homepage by adding in your own curated choices!
  4. Once finished, share your remix URL and a short description (140 characters or less) about how your Remix fits one of the chosen themes.
  5. Submit your remix URL, description, and personal details to us by email by 5:00 p.m. on November 30, 2014, to be entered in the contest!

The contest is open to all ages, but those 12-18 are particularly encouraged to apply.


How to Use X-Ray Goggles

X-Ray Goggles is a free and open tool made by Mozilla Webmaker that makes it easy to remix any webpage while teaching you about the building blocks of the web. Go to on your Firefox browser and drag the yellow “Activate X-Ray Goggles” button to your bookmarks bar. When you click on it and move the mouse around your webpage, you’ll see it highlighted in bright colors. Click on one of these highlights to edit that part of the page and switch in your own content!

Once finished remixing the PAM site, click “P” to save and publish your remix as its own URL. Full details on the above steps can be found at the X-Ray Goggles site.


Remix Example


Kat Braybrooke, of Mozilla, redesigned the MoMA Collections page by grabbing and dropping in the hyperlinks for her favorite dog images on Flickr’s Commons (all of these are images that have been released entirely into the public domain by cultural heritage institutions, so they have no remix restrictions). Check out her MoMA dog remix.


Cultural Licenses and the Web


If you see a thumbnail image and a copyright statement that reads “© artist or other copyright holder” or “© unknown, research required,” it means that the artwork is protected by copyright or that further research is required. If you see the words “no known copyright restrictions” in the caption for an artwork, this means that we believe it to be in the public domain and it is okay to use. For more information on copyright, read this.


Lesson Plan

Click here for a lesson plan and more resources.