New and Enhanced Spaces for People of All Ages and Abilities

Architectural drawing of the current west plaza design concept.

Current design concept of the west plaza. Hennebery Eddy Architects and Vinci Hamp Architects.

The Rothko Pavilion

The Rothko Pavilion is a new glass-walled building named to honor the legacy of painter and Portland native son Mark Rothko. The Pavilion represents an investment in Portland and to future generations. The main goal of the pavilion is to provide expanded and enhanced art and public spaces, while increasing accessibility throughout the museum. This will be achieved by adding new elevators, restrooms, and above-grade connections between the Main and Mark Buildings, all of which further the physical and intellectual connections between the Museum’s collections and programs. An open passageway that complements the urban landscape will provide a welcoming and beautiful space to experience art for everyone that enters or passes through.

“…the Rothko Pavilion may come to feel like its own kind of institution: a place you want to spend time in or pass through even if you haven’t reserved the afternoon for looking at art. After all, what better tribute is there to Mark Rothko than creating a place to stop and linger, and to stare not just at paintings but out at the city and the sky?”

Community Commons

The Community Commons provides an accessible, central entrance, and a free public space. A new second-floor gallery offers visitors an elevated experience between the two buildings.

Roof Deck

The Roof Deck is a second-floor sculpture garden that will provide visitors the chance to enjoy the Museum’s natural surroundings; the rooftop deck will also serve as a space for public programming and events.

Crumpacker Center for New Art

This expansive gallery—showcasing significant works of art and featuring a dedicated media space—will provide exciting new opportunities for contemporary art exhibitions. It also adds access to previously inaccessible restrooms.