We. Construct. Marvels. Between. Monuments.

NOV 17, 2017 – DEC 2018

This exhibition is currently closed for maintenance and repair.

The Portland Art Museum welcomes a dynamic, artist-led experiment that will transform the fourth floor of the Jubitz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art through December 2018. We.Construct.Marvels.Between.Monuments. is a series of five exhibitions developed in partnership with artists and art collectives that will activate the gallery with visual art,  performance, screenings, and discussions. Organized by visiting artistic director Libby Werbel, the programming invites a range of emerging and established voices to ask questions about how the Museum can become more artist-centered and inclusive in its practices and become more critically engaged with a broader array of emerging and established artists in the region. We.Construct.Marvels.Between.Monuments. is a unique collaboration between the Museum’s curatorial and education departments with support provided by Sara Krajewski, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Grace Kook-Anderson, Curator of Northwest Art, and Stephanie Parrish, Associate Director of Education.

The programming intends to build a bridge between Portland’s independent artist-run spaces, activists, and the city’s established institution. Through this year-long program, Werbel encourages audiences to reflect on how museums historically have granted access to art and knowledge, and what the future of this institution could look like. She imagines the string of exhibitions as a sort of ‘museum alchemy.’ Each artist or collective is tasked with contributing their own ingredients to the pot, acting as a catalyst for engaging new perspectives. Artists Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson have created an exhibition design to serve as both a physical and conceptual framework for the ongoing exhibitions and events. They will make over the white-walled gallery environment to more comfortably house the various projects by introducing sculptural furniture, a reading/seminar space, live plants, a stage, and a wayfinding mural through the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art.

We.Construct.Marvels.Between.Monuments is funded in part by the Miller Meigs Endowment for Contemporary Art and the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Endowments for Northwest Art.


November 17, 2017 – February 18, 2018
Ricky Bearghost, Kurt Fisk, Perry Johnson, Elmeator Morton, Lawrence Oliver, and Dawn Westover

The first project we. highlights works by six artists from Public Annex, Outpost 1000, OSLP, and Albertina Kerr, regional programs supporting artists with disabilities. This exhibition creates space for dialogue around how art world institutions can more thoughtfully integrate the work and the perspectives of artists of all abilities. Co-organized by Werbel and Public Annex with curatorial assistance from Sonya Hamilton, WE. has opened the process directly to the artists represented, providing opportunities for agency, self-determination, and reflection. Public Annex believes the arts provide a unique access point for those with and without disability to collaborate, create, and propose different ways of doing things, steps they consider necessary towards achieving a truly integrated society.

Public Annex will also lead a monthly Contemporary Trends class, free and open to the public, that will meet at Portland Art Museum each free first Thursday at 5 p.m. They will explore a different section of the Museum each time, creating a space for discovery and discussion amongst people who identify with and without disability.

Elmeater Morton, That's My Brother, He is Junior and His Mother's Blind and They Came Down Here, 2016, acrylic on canvas board
Elmeater Morton, That’s My Brother, He is Junior and His Mother’s Blind and They Came Down Here, 2016, acrylic on canvas board
Perry Johnson, 2015, Six Johnson Brothers, acrylic, sharpie, on board.
Perry Johnson, 2015, Six Johnson Brothers, acrylic, sharpie, on board.


March 2 – May 6, 2018
keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal

Opening Event

Co-curated by artists keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal, construct. challenges the museum’s core identity. Construction of new institutional practices is preceded by de-construction. De-construction invites other modes of entry – getting inside, going off, investigating, and allowing other values to emerge. o’neal and gaskin recognize the generative potential of conflict that arises when we engage historically oppressive, exclusionary, and revisionist institutional environments. This exhibition thus locates institutional critique in the persistence of opacity and black interiority. Commercial salon art and auntie aesthetics, alternative use of space, performance, and moments for dialogue become the substrate of an other space that holds detritus alongside desire – a critical site of generativity in a decaying world.

Tracy Andrews / Jay Bakari / Dana Baker / Justin Bua / April Harrison / Sarah Jenkins / Annie Lee / Johnny Meyers / Frank Morrison / Lonnie Ollivierre / Adee Roberson / Katherine Roundtree / Monica Stewart / WAK / Ellis Wilson / Wizard Apprentice


May 12 – July 7, 2018
NotMoMA by Stephanie Syjuco and Portland area youth artists

marvels. unveils a city-wide installation of the Museum’s recent acquisition NotMoMA by Stephanie Syuco. The first work of social practice art acquired by the museum, NotMoMA examines the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), by asking individuals who do not have physical access to the New York museum to fabricate works by viewing them online. With NotMoMA, Syjuco questions the history of art, authorship, and originality, how museums determine value, and the use of the Internet as an educational tool. Werbel will work with the Museum’s teen advisors to locate youth artists who will activate the work at venues across the city, including PAM, acting as “wings” of NotMoMA.


July – September 2018, dates TBA
Chris Vargas and The Museum of Trans Hirstory & Art; Wynne Greenwood

Working with artist Chris E. Vargas, and his project The Museum of Trans Hirstory & Art (MOTHA) and performance artist Wynne Greenwood, this program focuses on artists working within the queer diaspora and “in between” gender-normative identities. between. considers alternative exhibition models, performances and installations by contemporary queer voices and the best ways to represent them in a Museum space. MOTHA and Vargas will present a selection of video and film screened daily in the gallery. Greenwood will present hybrid sculpture and video projects that illuminate personal narratives.


October – December 2018, dates TBA
Featuring the work of Sun Ra curated by Libby Werbel and Deep Under Ground (Bethlehem Daniel, Madenna Ibrahim, Mia O’Connor and Janessa Narciso)

In the final project, Werbel partners with Deep Under Ground (Bethlehem Daniel, Madenna Ibrahim, Mia O’Connor and Janessa Narciso), to present monuments. a retrospective of the Afrofuturist artist, musician, and philosopher Sun Ra. As a critical conversation develops around monuments across the American landscape, we ask ourselves: what are the new monuments we wish to build? Who are the artists, thinkers and heroes we wish to exalt and preserve for future generations? Monuments. pays tribute to Sun Ra as a historical figure who is under-recognized for his contributions to black and brown identity and destiny. Deep Under Ground is a collective of arts organizers focused on developing strength, healing and resilience among young people of color.