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Two of Portland’s leading fashion and style watchers, Eden Dawn (Portland Monthly Fashion Editor) and Marjorie Skinner (Portland Mercury Fashion Editor) join forces to craft a conversation series that takes us on a journey through the past, present, and future of the Portland fashion and apparel scenes. It might be argued that Portland is both a fashion center and an outpost. With a rich history of homegrown global brands like Pendleton and Nike as well as an independent scene that has yielded seven Project Runway contestants and four winners, Portland has a long history of attracting and nurturing talent on both large and small scales. What makes the Portland fashion community so vibrant, and where is it headed next? Join a cross-section of Portland’s talented fashion makers, designers, and writers for a look at the legacies and opportunities ahead.



MARCH 26, 6 P.M.


  • Vivian McInerny, Former Oregonian Fashion Editor
  • Holly Stalder, co-founder of Seaplane, owner of Haunt
  • Nathaniel Crissman, Dehen,  Pendleton “The Portland Collection,” Church & State
  • Rachel Turk, Pendleton “The Portland Collection,” Church & State

Tickets available online.


CONVERSATION II: Design Now and Future Directions

APRIL 2, 6 P.M.


  • Michelle Lesniak, designer Michelle Lesniak
  • Britt Howard & Rosemary Robinson, Portland Garment Factory
  • Angela Snow, VP Design Culture & Community, Nike Inc.

Tickets available online.