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Micah Read

Examining invisible disabilities draws our attention beyond what we immediately notice about a person. Invisible disability is an umbrella term for a wide range of chronic physical, cognitive, and neurological conditions causing a person to struggle in daily activities. Because symptoms of these conditions are not often observed, those with invisible disabilities are easily judged, dismissed, and left feeling unvalidated. Outdated beliefs about disability have led to a false standard of ‘normal’ in our society that privileges non-disabled individuals.  Therefore, those living with invisible disabilities are forced to weigh the risk of repercussions if they choose to outwardly identify. Some are able to be open with their condition. Others choose to walk in its shadow, and more volley in between.

Invisible Me was co-created by those individuals whose stories are in this exhibition–Justin Allen, Holly Oberg, Sarah Mc Dermed, Micah Read, and Greg Bee. Each participant’s story is an account of how they came to terms with very personal conditions and figured out how to move forward. Their objects and stories are combined with visitor reflections to question conventional perceptions of disability and its impact in our lives.

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