Native Fashion Now Artist Spotlight: Bethany Yellowtail


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Bethany Yellowtail is this week’s Artist Spotlight as a Revisitor. Native Fashion Now’s- Revisitors use age-old designs and motifs by recreating them into modern pieces that are relevant and exciting for new generations.

Bethany Yellowtail who is originally from southern Montana had a passion for fashion since she was a young girl. She later went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) before launching her line B.Yellowtail in 2014. B.Yellowtail is inspired by Bethany’s Apsaalooke (Crow), Tsetsehestahese, and So’taeo’o heritage. Her designs celebrate her ancestral tradition and culture while emphasizing indigenous beauty though wearable art.

“I want the people who view my work to see the faces, hear the voices of our people, and participate in an authentic story that honors our diverse nations,”

“For me, my mission is not about trying to combat cultural appropriation,” Bethany explained. “I simply want to carve out a space where an authentic voice and an authentic representation of Native America exists and thrives. If that means we’re combating cultural appropriation while just being true to ourselves, then that’s a bonus.” – Bethany Yellowtail Is Redefining Native American Fashion In A Beautifully Authentic Way (Huffington Post)

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