Dennis Chavez
Object Stories participant Dennis Chavez is a veteran and the museum’s local Street Roots vendor.
Consuelo Delgado
Object Stories participant Consuelo Delgado is a writer and Street Roots vendor.
Aileen McPherson
Object Stories participant Aileen McPherson is an artist and Street Roots vendor.
Joel’ Waddell
Object Stories participant Joel’ Waddell is a graduate of Constructing Hope Trade School in Portland, OR.

One Step Away

JUL 20, 2018 – JAN 2019

Portland is in crisis. Rent increase or illness can lead a person to be one step away from homelessness. One Step Away is a focused look at the compound and growing issues of homelessness and housing insecurity in our city.

One Step Away is reality. Personal objects and individual testimonies make up the exhibition. Each is an earnest account of lived experience with homelessness. One Step Away is a collaboration. Participant storytellers directed development of the exhibition. Local social service agencies and artists defined the theme and nominated participants. Outside the Frame, an arts organization mentoring at risk young people, created media for the exhibition. One Step Away is also an opportunity. Listen to the stories and become familiar with the support resources provided. Then, challenge yourself to reach out to a friend, a neighbor, or someone else in need.

The museum is grateful for the creative support from Outside the Frame, Our Bold Voices, and Pixel Arts Game Education. Additionally, the museum would like to thank Penelope Cruz, local artist Cleo Davis, Street Roots, NW Pilot Project, Multnomah County Library, Portland Meet Portland, and Outside the Frame for their expertise during the community planning session for this exhibition.

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