Outsider Art: Inside the Portland Art & Learning Studio

Art Unbound
Art Unbound
Outsider Art: Inside the Portland Art & Learning Studio

This episode idea was submitted to us by Daniel Rolnik, the Gallery Director of the Portland Art & Learning Studio (PALS). PALS is an art studio and gallery space for adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities located in Northeast Portland. Daniel wanted to feature an artist at the studio by the name of Matthew Spencer, a ceramic artist with autism, to discuss his background, PALS, collaborating with other artists at the Studio, and using art to eradicate stigmas.

Featured in this episode:
Daniel Rolnik, PALS Gallery Director
Matthew Spencer, PALS Artist
Caitlin Pruett, PALS Artist
Elmeater Morton, PALS Artist
Jon Richardson, Podcast Producer

Mentioned in this episode:
Albertina Kerr
Milepost 5
“Am I a Monster”
1122 Gallery x PALS show
PALS instagram
Steven Young Lee
Ricky Bearghost at Webb Gallery
Alister Bond Stumptown Show
Video Tones soundcloud
Northwest Noggin
Elmeater Morton
PALS Artists

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