Seeing Nature, a resounding success

The presentation of Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Collection this past fall was an extraordinary moment in time for the Museum. Years of careful planning and collaboration came together as the paintings were hung in the newly transformed, light-filled European Gallery.

This highly anticipated exhibition was extremely well-received, drawing 86,000 visitors over three months. Many visitors reported returning multiple times.  The major educational focus of the exhibition—to explore the connections between the art and the brain— was highly popular among audiences. The “Nature of Seeing” interpretive gallery brought a scientific learning aspect to the visual art and history presented in the show and was heavily used by students and teachers. 107 school tours, consisting of 2,412 students and 475 chaperones participated. Public programs were also well attended by an audience of 1,550. Lectures, workshops, and tours (many of which sold-out) amplified and deepened visitors’ experience and understanding of concepts explored in the show, such as the evolution of European and American landscape painting over time.

Enthusiasm for Seeing Nature was evident as comments rolled in, and the media posted their reviews:

“Thank you for an extraordinary exhibition. I attended six times. PAM is a valuable resource for our community.” –visitor

“I saw it three times—once with a class of 1-3 graders, once with my daughter’s family, and once with my artist sister. It had something different to offer each time.” –visitor

A rare and incredible exhibition.”The Oregonian

Seeing Nature exhibition details are available here.