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    Two people sitting on a bench viewing an installation of neon text on a wall
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    Sunset of downtown Portland with Mt. Hood in the background.
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    A family with a young child standing with other in a gallery looking at art
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    A group of dancers performing in a gallery space.
  • Abstract shapes combined with numbers and text.

    Fourteen art treasures from the collection of the Kirkland family, many of which have not been publicly displayed for decades. The works span nearly a century, from the monumental 1887 canvas of Jamaica by Martin Johnson Heade, to Marc Chagall’s 1975 The Betrothed.

  • A pair of highly decorated pink sneakers

    Future Now: Virtual Sneakers to Cutting-Edge Kicks is a groundbreaking new exhibition that features nearly 60 futuristic footwear designs pushing the boundaries of what footwear can be. 

  • Green Star Quilt, Wally Dion, 75 5/8 x 70, circuit boards, brass wire, copper tube. A large square work composed of circuit boards in various shades of green pieced together like a quilt and connected with brass wire. At center, the circuit boards have been cut into diamond shapes and pieced to form an eight-pointed star. Further diamond shapes surround this star and radiate outward until they create a large star that almost fills the entire work. A thin gold line encompasses the large star forming a square. A border of more circuit boards completes the work. Many shades of green make up the different boards and they are heavily textured with silver and brass colored workings. Small silver balls in rows or patterns dominate the boards along with other metallic geometric shapes. Etched lines in patterns feature in most of the green boards.

    Throughlines embraces wonder and curiosity, bringing together artworks from across the Museum’s collections to explore the range of artistic innovation.


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    Conservation treatment will focus on the removal of a synthetic varnish, helping restore painter Claude Monet’s intended appearance to his masterpiece “Waterlilies.” The Portland Art Museum (PAM) has been named […]

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    To our community, This spring brought historic recognition for the Portland Art Museum locally, nationally, and internationally. Most notable is our leadership at the Venice Biennale – the most prestigious […]

  • Oil painting of one person standing and two sitting in front of a zebra.

    This is Art Unbound, a joint production of PAM and the Numberz FM. Featuring Intisar Abioto, the guest curator for the exhibition Black Artists of Oregon on view September 9, 2023 through March 31, 2024. In this ninth installment of the series Intisar interviews Isaka Shamsud Din & Anthony Jordan.