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    Two people sitting on a bench viewing an installation of neon text on a wall
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    Sunset of downtown Portland with Mt. Hood in the background.
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    A family with a young child standing with other in a gallery looking at art
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    A group of dancers performing in a gallery space.

Sneaker design, stop motion animation, DJing, and more.

  • Painting in the impressionist style with a house in front of a body of water.

    Jun 8, 2024 – Sep 15, 2024

  • Abstract shapes combined with numbers and text.
    • A colorful theater stage with two spotlights.

      Honoring artistic innovators working at the intersection of art and cinematic storytelling, the annual Cinema Unbound Awards celebrate multidisciplinary artists who push the boundaries of what’s possible in media arts. This year’s recipients include Mickalene Thomas, Sterlin Harjo, Irene Taylor, Peter Cho and Sun Young Park.

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      Please note, that this exhibition takes place in Venice, Italy. Visit the official website. Overview The Portland Art Museum and SITE Santa Fe, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of […]

    • Black and white self-portrait of Paul McCartney

      Comprised of recently rediscovered photographs from Paul McCartney’s personal archive, more than 250 pictures invite visitors to intimately experience The Beatles’ meteoric rise from British sensation to international stardom.


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      Conservation treatment will focus on the removal of a synthetic varnish, helping restore painter Claude Monet’s intended appearance to his masterpiece “Waterlilies.” The Portland Art Museum (PAM) has been named […]

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      To our community, This spring brought historic recognition for the Portland Art Museum locally, nationally, and internationally. Most notable is our leadership at the Venice Biennale – the most prestigious […]

    • Oil painting of one person standing and two sitting in front of a zebra.

      This is Art Unbound, a joint production of PAM and the Numberz FM. Featuring Intisar Abioto, the guest curator for the exhibition Black Artists of Oregon on view September 9, 2023 through March 31, 2024. In this ninth installment of the series Intisar interviews Isaka Shamsud Din & Anthony Jordan.