Photograph of a man with a beanie cap and a black apron on helping a young boy make a screenprint. Parents and children and another man in a red apron and black baseball hat look on in the background.

The Poster Project

Poster with image of Wendy Red Star's "Indian Summer," from the series "Four Seasons." Image of a Native American woman in a traditional dress with beaded bag and accessories in front of an image of a nature scene with mountains, a cardboard cutout of a deer, and a fake cow skull in the foreground.

The Portland Art Museum has created more than 45 posters featuring works across the permanent collections. Explore the digital resource and request prints of the most recent posters mailed to you. Posters are available free of charge to educators in Oregon and Washington. Hang them in classrooms, hallways, and libraries or take them out for specific activities and lessons. Our goal is to provide educators and students with artworks you can study and enjoy wherever you are.

Social emotional learning and art

The Portland Art Museum collaborates with OK You to develop these creative wellness resources for young people, parents, educators, and all of us.

Journal On!

How we journey through changing times. During the summers of 2020 and 2021, the Portland Art MuseumPortland Public SchoolsOK YOU, and two dozen artists invited you to consider your experience of the pandemic amidst so much change and loss. Where did you discover hope, possibility, connection, and new understanding? As our world continues to bring new changes and challenges, we invite you to revisit these 24 prompts and this video playlist to process the journey and discover new possibilities, connection, and healing along the way. Journal On!

Create More Resilience workshop videos

Join 5 artists on a creative journey to discover, celebrate, and share the amazing, unique, powerful, and lovable you. Portland Art Museum is excited to partner with OK You and artists from many backgrounds and disciplines to provide workshop videos that use creative practices to build on social-emotional learning goals. Each artist has created a series of 8, resilience-building workshop videos for teachers, counselors, and parents to share with students of all ages.

Explore our YouTube playlist.

Open your own art museum

Take all of those big feelings, ideas, and observations of yours and shrink them down into tiny (but mighty) works of art—because art doesn’t need to be big to be powerful! Learn how.

Write Around PAM

Come write with us! We collaborated with Write Around Portland to create art-inspired writing prompts for people of all ages to do at home and at the Museum.

Memory and Public Space: An Educator Unconference

How do we use public space to remember? How do monuments, parks, neighborhoods, and streets work as sites to memorialize, create, negotiate—and even forget—history? The Portland Art Museum is collaborating with museums and cultural organizations across the state to provide resources for exploring these questions and ideas with students.

See the resource guide, including sections on:

Special exhibitions with resources