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PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow is a vital part of the Portland Art Museum. It’s a place to influence perspectives and celebrate storytelling near and far. Our mission is to change how cinematic stories are told — expanding on who’s telling and who’s watching.

PAM CUT reaches beyond a single medium or platform and explores what’s next. We support media artists to redefine cinema and visual storytelling. 

We offer 

Our Portland, OR-based hub aims to expand the reach of cinema as an art form. We celebrate a wide range of storytelling experiences that challenge traditional boundaries. 

We’re inclusive, modern and welcoming to a broad range of artists and audiences across all media art.  We act as advocates to support pioneering, multi-faceted storytellers. 

We provide 

Audiences attending PAM CUT programs experience and create cinematic storytelling in many forms

Storytelling creates connections that bind our community and encourages a more vibrant, accessible, and diverse media-arts ecosystem.