Color photograph of a child in a blue shirt using an iPad to film a lego building against a hand drawn set with trees and grass.

Current Co:Laboratory offerings

Co:Lab Youth Art Unbound 2023/2024

Want to dig your teeth into experimenting with media arts? Our Youth Art Unbound program is for youth ages 11-14 looking for their next art making adventure. Take a deeper dive into animation, explore art created through technology, and learn to share the stories that are important to you.

UnStuck: Workshops that Provoke Creativity

Inspire your creativity and expand artistic practice through PAM CUT’s adult workshops designed to connect you with Portland artists. No art making experience required, participants will learn from working media and storytelling artists about their art making practice, then experiment with new materials, techniques, and prompts. You’ll leave with new stories to tell and ways to spark creativity!


Ready for some big fun with your family? Join us for WonderLab, a place where we’ll work together to tell our stories, try new art materials and techniques, and just have a great time! Family groups must have at least one adult participant, and up to 4 children per group.

About Co:Laboratory

Co:Laboratory is an experiment in genre, mediums, and ideas. It’s an opportunity for media artists and art lovers to connect to people, ideas, and innovations. 

The Co:Laboratory exists to inspire new projects, new skills, and new ways of seeing. In the spirit of all creative endeavors, it’s designed to be an ever-evolving, community-driven, ongoing work-in-progress.

Our expansive talks, workshops, and programs invite you to bring imagination, innovation, an open-mind, and a willingness to try something new. Our programs are designed for professionals of all ages and levels. Many programs are team-led to include a variety of perspectives.

PAM CUT is always learning and listening. We work with our Advisory Board, and with local and global communities to help shape a more inclusive future for cinematic stories. Together we test, experiment, study, and practice. We question. We take risks and create something new.

So if you love storytelling, work as a media artist in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!), or want to change the status quo — we can’t wait to meet you!