Cinema Unbound Heroes: John Cameron Mitchell

John Cameron Mitchell might just be from another planet.

He’s a multi-talented, multi-headed hydra of an actor having played roles that include getting his start in theatre as the Virgin Mary, playing Huck Finn, nabbing a guest spot on 80s hit MacGyver and acting as the voice of the Dunkaroos Kangaroo in that earworm of a commercial of our childhood.

And of course, he is the indomitable Hedwig, which changed the course of the universe forever.

His forays in directing have explored both dark and joyous places, bringing out wild, raw, otherworldly performances in others. Whatever John touches, he reinvents the form and leaves his distinctive mark on characters and worlds that are both grounded in reality and somewhere out there. With his latest project, Anthem: Homunculus—inspired after a wild night right here in Portland—he turned his creativity to podcasts—and proceeded to turn this realm of true crime and garage comedy -on its head. He is a pioneer, funny as hell, and one gem of a human being. We were honored to have him with us in early March to share his insights and stories—and his Purell!—with all of us who were lucky enough to cross his path.

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