Cinema Unbound Heroes: Julie Goldman

Spotlight on Julie Goldman, Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning producer of over 50 feature documentaries, including Life, Animated, Buck, Weiner.

One month ago, the world was different. We were different. But even in this new reality, the Northwest Film Center remains committed championing storytellers who are helpers, artists who dare to try new things, and innovators who find ways to transform and shape the future—in ways big and small.

On the eve of the 43rd Portland International Film Festival just one month ago, we started a new tradition of honoring those who open our eyes to new ways of seeing during times of change—folks who defy expectation and transform the world with their talents and generosity. In this ongoing series, we’ll introduce you this year’s 2020 Cinema Unbound honorees, as well as shine a light on new heroes we’re seeing emerge in real-time.

Because we need them, their ideas, and their future-forward thinking to inspire us now more than ever.

As an Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning producer on over 50 documentary features, Julie Goldman loves what she does and gives everything she has to her projects, her teams, and to daring audiences.

Julie has changed the non-fiction storytelling world through her company, Motto Pictures, as well as the lives of countless folks who have seen her work and created with her the vibrant non-fiction scene now flourishing on screens big and small. Even in this difficult moment, her pioneering spirit, protective, take no mess attitude and epic laugh (which are the stuff of legend) continue to push projects forward.

Her work showcases the breadth and depth of humanity in all of its complexity, beauty, and failure. Each story is an elixir at this time and even just exploring the homepage of, you find hope and humanity lurking where you’d least expect it. While everything on that page is worth your time, check out even just a sampling and take a walk in someone else’s shoes to find inspiration.

Treat yourself to Life, Animated (Amazon Prime), Buck (Amazon Prime), Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (Amazon Prime), One Child Nation (Amazon Prime) and Humans of New York (Facebook Watch) and when the world heals, don’t forget to support timeless storytellers like Julie Goldman who devote their lives to tirelessly chronicling what it means to be alive.

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