Cinema Unbound Heroes: Rajendra Roy

Spotlight on Rajendra Roy, The Celest Bartos Chief Curator of Film MOMA

One month ago, the world was different. We were different. But even in this new reality, the Northwest Film Center remains committed championing storytellers who are helpers, artists who dare to try new things, and innovators who find ways to transform and shape the future—in ways big and small.

On the eve of the 43rd Portland International Film Festival just one month ago, we started a new tradition of honoring those who open our eyes to new ways of seeing during times of change—folks who defy expectation and transform the world with their talents and generosity. In this ongoing series, we’ll introduce you this year’s 2020 Cinema Unbound honorees, as well as shine a light on new heroes we’re seeing emerge in real-time.

Because we need them, their ideas, and their future-forward thinking to inspire us now more than ever.

Rajendra Roy may not be a household name, but to those who know and love him, who admire his work ethic and kindness, to famous folk and those just starting out, his generosity is legendary. His taste in films and pop culture is impeccable. The work he does at MOMA as Chief Curator of Film is groundbreaking—I still don’t know how he convinced the team to put a film next to the Monet! 

I’ve always thought Raj was one of the most brilliant people in any room, but the brilliance of it all, what makes me and many others actually admire him, is the fact that he never makes anyone feel less than brilliant too. He welcomes everyone and makes sure folks feel heard. He and his work make people better.

Amy Dotson, Director, Northwest Film Center & Curator, Film and New Media, Portland Art Museum

Check out Virtual Views: Home Movies and read “Everything is Changing” and get to know Raj.

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