PPS Visual Arts Virtual Gallery

A square-shaped work depicting a triangular mountain that is black at its base blending into white towards the top. Gray smoke outlined in black rises from the mountain’s apex. Above and on either side, paler gray and white clouds, outlined in sage green surround the smoke. Two red trails of lava are shown running down the mountain and meeting at its base. Several uneven, parallel lines in sage green run along each side of the mountain’s outer slopes and on either side of the smoke cloud. A coffee-brown semi-circle starting near the mountain base and reaching the top of the picture at center serves as a background, leaving two triangular corners at top right and left. They are butter yellow in color. Below the mountain base is more of the sage green completing the foreground. Creases in the work, as if it has been folded in quarters, are visible.

Congratulations to Portland Public Schools student artists and their teachers! PPS has announced the winners of the 2020 HeART of Portland Showcase Poster Competition and launched the new PPS Visual Arts Virtual Gallery. The competition was a very crowded and impressive field of 61 submissions and the jurying went to two rounds. As award-winning entries, these pieces were selected because they capture the creative spirit and connect meaningfully to the Portland Art Museum exhibition Volcano! Mount St. Helens in Art. 

Every spring for the past five years, the Museum has been honored to host the Heart of Portland: A K-12 PPS Arts Showcase—a celebration of student visual and performing artists and their dedicated teachers. While we very much missed seeing your work in person this spring, we are thrilled to see the wonderful virtual gallery and to have this opportunity to say thank you to Portland for supporting arts education through the Arts Tax!

Image credit: 1st Place Winner: Vibration! by Angelyne. Teacher: Natalie Mew. George Middle School. Grade: 8.

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