Stop Asian Hate

The staff of the Portland Art Museum and Northwest Film Center are deeply saddened and angered by the murder of eight people, including six Asian American women in the Atlanta, Georgia, area on Tuesday night. Together we mourn the senseless loss of these lives and condemn the sharp rise in racist, anti-Asian violence and hate crimes throughout the country this past year. Anti-Asian racism is embedded in our country’s history and includes government-sanctioned, race-based legislation like the Chinese Exclusion Act of the late 19th century, and the forced imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II. More than two-thirds of the Japanese-Americans incarcerated in the WWII internment camps were American citizens. The racist language and jokes emanating from the nation’s highest government offices have reinforced anti-Asian sentiment. We acknowledge the pain and hurt that the Asian American community is in from this constant discrimination, particularly Asian American immigrants, service workers, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We cannot allow for more lives to be stolen due to racism. We must address our history and work to dismantle white supremacy in the present moment. We invite you to learn more about the many injustices Asians and Asian Americans have faced throughout this country’s history—and continue to encounter today—and take action to support the Asian American communities in Oregon and throughout the nation. 

Members of the Museum’s equity team have compiled a list of online resources, but we know there are many more. See below for ways you can learn more and then stand in solidarity with our Asian American neighbors.

Stop Asian Hate Resources for Learning and Support 


Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) 
Japanese American Museum of Oregon
Portland Chinatown Museum

Oregon Historical Society Resources:

Chinese Americans in Oregon  

Japanese Americans in Oregon 



Resources shared include:

Stop AAPI Hate  

Heart of Dinner 

Asian American LEAD 

South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)

advancing_justice_atl – (Link tree to resources)

advancingjustice_aajc – (Link tree to resources)

hateisavirus – (Link tree to resources)


NBC News

Anti-racism resources to support Asian American, Pacific Islander community

Resources shared include:

“Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning” is a collection of essays published in 2020 about the nuances of the Asian American experience

“Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White” examines stereotypes, such as the perpetual foreigner and the model minority myth, and tackles issues including affirmative action, immigration and interracial marriage

Self Evident: Asian American’s Stories is a podcast that aims to challenge assumptions about Asian Americans

PBS’ Asian Americans is a five-part documentary series on the history of Asians in America.

#AsianAmCovidStories is a YouTube documentary series exploring Asian Americans’ experiences and challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.


How to help the Asian American community: Donations, educational resources and more

Resources shared include:

Asian Mental Health Collective 

Human Rights Campaign 

Anti-Asian Violence Resources 

Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Resources and ideas shared include: 

Learn about recognizing depression in others at

Visit the Asian Mental Health Collective website.

Report xenophobic, bias, or discriminatory incidents:

 In the Portland area: Portland United Against Hate and Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Outside of Portland: Oregon Department of Justice 

 In Washington: Washington State Human Rights Commission and/or other local civil rights organizations

Hollaback!  Trainings & free bystander guide 

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