Write Around PAM: Jeppe Hein

Image description: Please Participate. Jeppe Hein. 2015. Neon tubes and transformers. 88 inches x 210 inches. Words in white neon mounted on a white gallery wall in seven rows. The lettering is simple and approachable in all capitals. The words are: Row 1: Please. Row 2: Participate, Be, Grateful, Enjoy, Focus. Row 3: Meditate, Feel, Open, Up, Interact, Smell. Row 4: Try, Breathe, Forgive, Wish, Be, Aware. Row 5: Smile, Wonder, Dream, Taste, Do, Yoga. Row 6: Kiss, Love, Yourself, Search, Relax, Touch. Row 7: Sving, Choose, Your, Way, Expect, A, Miracle. Below nine, white, rectangular transformers sit on a shelf below the words with electrical cords connecting each one to several words. The upper left corner of the image shows an opening in the wall and light from the gallery above.

We are venturing into a new year, and while our resolutions may not last, our intentions can, especially with the help of a pen and paper. Danish artist Jeppe Hein is known for creating playful, interactive works. His Please Participate feels like a great place to start.

Take a moment to sit with this piece. Notice which words or phrases you are drawn to. Write them at the top of your page and incorporate at least one into the prompts below. Set a timer for 8 minutes, choose a prompt, keep your pen or pencil moving and see what comes.

Please ________… / This year, I will _________…

Jeppe Hein (Danish, born 1974), Please Participate, 2015, neon tubes and transformers, Museum Purchase: Funds provided by the Contemporary Collectors Circle of the Portland Art Museum, © Jeppe Hein, Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York, 2017.39.1

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