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Beat Builders // Designing Grooves at DJ Camp (ages 8-10)

Jul 15, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
934 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR
General Accessibility

Get ready to rock the house at this 5-day DJ camp where you’ll be the ultimate music maestro! Led by the awesome DJ Ambush, we’ll dive into the world of DJing and explore the coolest DJ gear ever. Throughout the camp, we’ll explore the FUN-damentals of music theory and structure to learn the language of DJing.

But that’s not all the fun we have in store. Team up with your fellow mix masters to solve problems, build teamwork, and let your creativity soar as you tell stories through your Dj sets. Get your DJ skills ready to roll as you learn the basics of beatmatching, mixing, and transitioning. You’ll design seamless and super cool sets, and curate playlists that’ll have your friends dancing their hearts out. And guess what? At the end of the week, we’re going to show off your sets in a special performance for your family and friends. It’s going to be a blast!

Ages 8-10