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Identity Adorned // Crafting Stories through Fashion Accessory Design (ages 11-14)

Jul 8, 2024 - Jul 12, 2024
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
934 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR
General Accessibility

Come along on an accessory design adventure, where teaching artist Fuchsia Lin will guide young creatives to design and craft their very own line of trendy accessories. From stylish hats to chic bags and unique textile-based body adornments like cuffs, collars, and ties, the possibilities are endless! Campers will unleash their creativity as they learn the art of brilliant branding, creating distinct products that set their accessories apart from the rest. They’ll dive into the world of visual storytelling by researching and expressing their ideas through captivating mood boards.

Campers will master the basics of pattern making and acquire the skills needed to bring their accessory designs to life. They’ll explore advertising fundamentals and discover how to craft their very own accessory ad campaign that will leave everyone wanting more. On the last day of camp, we’ll host a fashion-focused exhibition highlighting what we’ve learned. Get ready for a week filled with creativity, self-expression, and a whole lot of fun! 

Ages 11-14