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Summer Camps: Game Jam! Animation for Video Game Design

Jul 24, 2023
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
934 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR
Wheelchair accessible restrooms

Instructor: Ian Levesque

Experience the unique process of developing a game in a collaborative week-long camp. Campers will work as a part of a team for 5 days to create characters, assets, and plans for a first-person, interactive game that uses the core principles of animation in its creation. Each day, campers will learn about the different animation techniques used in video games and how they can create their own animations using industry-standard software. They will learn the basics of character and object rigging, keyframe animation, motion capture, and more. Campers will leave with a build of the game and a perspective on indie game development.

Artist Instructor Bio:
Ian Levesque is a stop motion animator dabbling in indie-game development, most notably with Floogen, his stop motion game featured on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. He’s been excited about sharing the rewarding process of animation with artists for as long as he was able to. He spends his time working on his personal videogame projects and playing with his rats.

Play last summer’s game MADE IN THIS CAMP on your PC – DOWNLOAD NOW!