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Art Unbound: Certified Fresh
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Certified Fresh

In 2019, The Portland Art Museum partnered with local radio station The Numberz FM for the exhibition, Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal… The partnership grew and the Art Museum is currently the home base for daily operations for The Numberz. This partnership is described in detail in a June 3, 2021 post on our blog titled Listening to Community: Reflecting on The Numberz and Portland Art Museum Partnership. Members of the Numberz staff and some of their associates took the opportunity to set up shop in some of the Museum galleries and interview figures in the Portland creative community. On this episode, DJ Ambush, the Operations and Content Manager for the Numberz, sat down with Kenny Fresh, owner of the record label, Fresh Selects. Kenny tells us about his passion for running a record label, his personal history with music, and other artforms he wants to explore with his record label.

Featured in this episode

DJ AmbushOperations and Content Manager, The Numberz FM
Kenny Fresh Owner, Fresh Selects

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