Exhibition Management in the Time of COVID-19

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Art Unbound
Exhibition Management in the Time of COVID-19

The work of a museum registrar can be quite complicated, but what happens to exhibition logistics when a global pandemic turns the world on its side? Portland Art Museum’s Exhibitions Registrar Julia Guariglia chats with Agnès Faure, her counterpart at the Petit Palais in Paris, France, about how exhibition management is changing given new guidelines for social distancing. Julia and Agnès also discuss broader museum changes brought on by the current global situation. 

This episode of Art Unbound is the first in a series produced with funds provided by FRAME, the French American Museum Exchange, of which both the Portland Art Museum and Petit Palais are members. FRAME is a consortium of 32 major museums in France and North America that promotes cultural exchange in the context of museum collaborations. FRAME fosters partnerships among its member museums to develop innovative exhibitions, educational and public programs, and professional exchanges among museum staff, and maintains a website to reach global audiences. For more information, visit

Featured in this episode

Julia GuarigliaExhibitions Registrar, Portland Art Museum
Agnès FaureExhibitions Registrar / assistante d’exposition, Petit Palais

Produced by Jon Richardson
Music by Mark Orton

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