Getting to Know You: Strengthening Relationships at the Portland Art Museum

Getting to Know You: Strengthening Relationships at the Portland Art Museum

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On our Podcast idea submission page, Ben Conte wrote “My daughter and I have been visiting the Museum since we moved to Portland in 2007. Most of our visits are together when we see a new exhibit or just want to stop by when we are out for a “dad and daughter night.” But we do go solo or with friends. A few of the most authentic moments in our relationship have occurred in our mutual discovery of deep beauty at the museum. I think there is a way to talk about that in a compelling way.” After a brief chat, Ben and I thought it would be nice to not only chat with him and his daughter but to a few other sets of people who have had a relationship strengthened by visiting the Museum.

Featured in this episode:
Ben Conte & Maeve
Matthew Friday & Morgan
Drew Field & Gwendolyn Field

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The Shape of Speed
Northwest Film Center
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