Reclaimed Weird: Inside the Art of Public Joy Creator, Mike Bennett

Art Unbound
Art Unbound
Reclaimed Weird: Inside the Art of Public Joy Creator, Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the ‘weird Portland’ community and he is using his local celebrity status, resourcefulness, and artistic talents to bring joy to the city. On this episode, we interview Mike to find out how he gained notoriety in his community, education through art, and creating free & safe experiences for all ages during a pandemic.

Featured in this episode:

Jon Richardson – Media Producer, Portland Art Museum
Mike BennettIllustrator & Public Joy Creator
Instagram: @MikeBennettArt

Mentioned in this episode:

Joe Kye
Steven Wong, Jr.
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes Snow Goons
Missing Link (2019)
Carol Cleveland Sings
Vine App
Napoleon The Alpaca
Alchemy Tintype
Homer Simpson GIF
Bill Watterson
Mercer Mayer
Little Critter series
Professor Wormbog In Search For The Zipperumpazoo
Eric Carle
Shel Silverstein
90s Nickelodeon Animation
The Unipiper
Dillon T. Pickle
Rob Campbell | Shirt Nerdery
Shippensburg University
Smitty’s Vending Sales

Produced by Jon Richardson
Music by Mark Orton

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