Rob Rhee: the map is not the territory

Art Unbound
Art Unbound
Rob Rhee: the map is not the territory

On this episode of the Portland Art Museum Podcast, we present the audio interview of Rob Rhee, edited only for pauses in the conversation and chatter between Rob and the interviewer. The other voice you will hear is Grace Kook-Anderson, the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer of Northwest Art and curator of “the map is not the territory.”

Robert Rhee
(b. 1982 in Bronx, New York; lives in Seattle, Washington)
Robert Rhee is a collector of accidents, a rubbernecker. He is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and organizer of collaborative artist projects. In his current work, he pursues situations on the precipice of formlessness, where a system is engaged but not controlled. He uses time (duration) to move ideas back and forth between modes: a sculpture conceived like a story, a poem worked on with power tools.

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A sampling of Rob’s work can be see at Portland Art Museum through May 5, 2019. See Rob present at Portland Art Museum as part of a PechaKucha talk from February 10, 2019 here –

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