Fiscal sponsorship

Two people operating a  film camera.

PAM CUT is pleased to announce that we now offer fiscal sponsorship programs for multimedia artists in areas including: 

  • Film
  • Television
  • Gaming
  • Immersive and interactive media
  • Animation
  • Podcasts

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is when a nonprofit offers their tax-exempt status to artists. The tax exemption helps artists raise money to fund their project. 

Who’s the sponsor?

PAM CUT sponsors and manages money raised through grants, foundations, and private donations. PAM CUT works with artists (sponsees) to help fund and promote their project. 

How does PAM CUT help with promotion?

We promote artists by showcasing your work through various platforms and events:

  • PAM website
  • PAM e-news (125K+ reach)
  • PAM CUT e-news (25K* reach)
  • Workshops 
  • Social media

PAM CUT also offers sponsored artists the following services:

  • QR code that directs to a Giving Tree donation link 
  • Access to facility resources
  • Exhibition and workshop opportunities

How do I apply for a fiscal sponsorship?

Download the application and rules for a full explanation on our fiscal sponsorship program. Send your completed forms to

How are projects chosen?

We review applications as they’re submitted. You’ll be chosen by a panel of staff from PAM CUT and Portland Art Museum. 

We choose artists based on: 

  • Application fit
  • Budget
  • Project timeline 
  • Alignment with our mission — changing for whom, by whom, and how cinematic stories are told

What else do I need to know about getting sponsored?

As part of the application process, we’ll request a fundraising plan that includes:

  • Your project budget 
  • A list of potential donors

This potential donor list can include:

  • Grants
  • Foundations
  • Crowdfunding companies
  • Individuals 

For more information, please reach out to Head of Artist Services, Ben Popp –

Fee structure

Project Donations received Fee Percentage

  • Up to $100,000: 7%
  • $100,001 to $200,000: 6%
  • $200,001 and above: 5%

Projects we’re currently sponsoring

The Divergent Gift: Unboxing Autism

The Divergent Gift: Unboxing Autism focuses on deepening positive Autistic identity through visualizing the various unseen struggles, challenges, gifts, and abilities of those on the (so called) “mild” end of the autism spectrum.

Earths to Come

Earths to Come is an enveloping work that seeks to heal the last wounds on our post pandemic hearts by exploring the seductive, delicious and destructive nature of Desire.  The piece is a collaboration between expanded cinema director, Rose Bond, Grammy® winning vocal band, Roomful of Teeth, lauded composer, inti figgis-vizueta, and Oscar® winning creative producer Melanie Coombs—each pushing at the edges of their prescribed mediums.  We are variously women, queer, trans, indigenous, experimental animators, musicians and artists.   We are established artists launching into a new arena, at the peak of our powers, and launching on the world stage at the 81st Venice International Film Festival.


Fogtown is a puppet-lead comedic mystery-adventure TV series that follows the exploits of the brilliant (but easily distracted) Sherblock, and his ever-devoted companion Blockson. Fogtown is a show unlike any other, combining the powers of cutting-edge virtual production techniques and the timeless charm of handmade puppets. for more information.

Future Cosmos Flow

From Portland filmmaker and costume designer Fuchsia Lin, Future Cosmos Flow is a 30-minute hybrid narrative film. It spans genres of fashion, dance, martial arts, fantasy and drama filmed all over Oregon’s iconic landscapes. Future Cosmos Flow is an inspiring fable framed in the universal mythology of indigenous cultures striving to realign with the balancing forces of nature. Lin has incorporated these age-old stories to create a new mythology relevant to our modern times.

I Produced Every Band Ever

A satirical music and comedy podcast from comedy writer Tamara Federici. I Produced Every Band Ever is an absurd premise that invites guests, musicians, and the audience at large to join in with the belief this is possible – I have produced every band ever – and we go from there. This is the fun of the show. We are all in on the joke but will never mention it. In fact, we’ll treat it as even more real. Special guests will range from: Aerosmith’s actual manager (talking about Aerosmith) to bestselling novelist/memoirist Joanna Rakoff (on the topic of Taylor Swift and returning for a conversation about the Era’s Tour episode).

The Gorge Impact Film Festival

The Gorge Impact Film Festival recognizes the crucial role of storytelling in shaping our future. GIFF will showcase works that explore the intersections of joy, hope, and optimism with topics like environmental sustainability, technological advancements, the arts and architectural design, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

The festival will embrace our tagline, “Joy, Hope, and Optimism on a Changed Planet,” as the guiding light for the films, conversations and insights we will collectively share during the event.

Our Next Speaker

Directed by Portland documentary  filmmaker Dino Coons,” Our Next Speaker” is the light-hearted story of a bunch of high-school misfits who come together via the Speech and Debate team to discover their unique voices and build the confidence to make themselves heard, “Our Next Speaker” follows The Cannibals from Portland’s Cleveland High School as they campaign fiercely for the State Sweepstakes title.

Ready When You Are

Ready When You Are is a female-driven comedic short film that flips the script on traditional objectification, telling the story from Darcey’s perspective and objectifying the male Sexbot…until a series of jaw-dropping reveals – and the power of female friendship – force the characters to see each other equally, eye to eye. The film flirts with the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but at its heart, urges us back to the risk and unpredictable wonder of human connection. The movie will be filmed with a local crew in Southern Oregon.

Valley of the Tall Grass

A feature film currently in development from former Sustainability Labs fellow Masami Kawai, about a TV/VCR circulating through the lives of various working class Indigenous characters of color in an Oregon town.

When I Close My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes melds visual artistry, music, and raw narrative, offering a deep dive into the complex tapestry of experiences faced by an Iraqi refugee in the United States.

Past projects

Desert Island Studios

Founded in 2016 by filmmaker Joe Bowden and Actor/Producer Ashley Song, Desert Island Studios is a mission driven Asian American owned media production studio, rental facility, and co-working space that focuses on supporting underrepresented creatives.


From the minds at Chiral Filmworks, “Flashback” is a compelling documentary that delves into the birth, evolution, and eventual demise of Flash Animation software, exploring the grassroots animation culture that developed around the medium and the profound impact it had on a generation of animators and game designers. The project unfolds the history of accessible digital animation technology and its role in shaping the world of modern animated film and television while featuring beloved indie animations of the mid-2000’s. Follow the journey of Ben “BlueMaxima” Latimore, an archivist working to preserve classic Flash animations and games, providing a unique perspective on the challenges of maintaining art in the digital age, where the threat of technological obsolescence can cause entire artistic movements to disappear from history.

Matinee Baby

Matinee Baby is a queer romcom about a pansexual movie theater worker who’s invited on a series of dates by his customers, all of whom are trapped in the genres of the films they’ve just seen. This bawdy, 90s-style indie short, inspired by the works of Gregg Araki and Kevin Williamson, will be filmed and take place at a historic theater in Portland.

Trolley Park: Out West

Trolley Park: Out West visits one of the oldest trolley parks in the country – Portland’s Oaks Amusement Park. These parks helped usher in the golden age of amusement parks. In the early 1900s there were more than a thousand trolley parks. Now only a dozen remain. See how Oaks Parks celebrates the 4th of July and experience skating in the oldest roller rink in the USA.