Daily Art Moment: Andrea Bowers

Blue neon sign with the word “Radical” in cursive positioned to the left of “Patience” in Gothic black letter and adjacent to a white analog clock that displayed 12:10 at the time of the photo.

“I hope this neon work by Andrea Bowers can help remind us to slow down and exercise compassion, for others as well as ourselves, in this extremely challenging moment. For those of us not serving on the front lines of this crisis, we must serve each other and the greater social welfare by staying at home. This necessitates radical patience—waiting for this collective action to bring relief and trusting in each other that we are all doing our part to limit exposures. I see the concept of radical patience as an activist’s strategy because it shows us that no one person or cause is independent of another. To arrive at true change, we must endure together over time and that gives me hope.”

Sara Krajewski, The Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Andrea Bowers (American, born 1965). Radical Patience, 2016. Neon, clock. Museum Purchase: Funds provided by the Contemporary Art Acquisition Fund, 2017.40.1. Image courtesy Andrew Kreps Gallery. © unknown, research required

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