Daily Art Moment: Gordon W. Gilkey

Northern Cascade Mountains, Gordon Gilkey, 22 11/16 in x 19 1/4 inches; sheet: 24 1/4 in x 19 1/4 inches, ink on paper. A vertical rectangular work depicting a mountain range in black ink and gray shading on cream colored paper. At center beginning about a third from the top, the mountain’s ridge runs vertically bisecting the work. At right, three sets of lines slope diagonally away from the ridge with gray shading suggesting smaller crevices on cream. At left of the ridge, the brushstrokes are thicker and are applied in a looping pattern suggesting a textured landscape in shadow. The upper third of the painting shows further rocky, craggy mountains painted with thick, overlapping ink lines and more gray shading. These mountain peaks appear to run horizontally across the top of the work as opposed to the vertical ridge below it. In the lower right corner are the words: “Northern Cascade Mountains, Gordon Gilkey, Febr 1968”, written in script in black ink.

“Raise your hand if you love mountains! During this time of social distancing and sunny weather, Northwesterners are taking to the trails with alacrity. Here in Oregon and Washington, we are blessed with abundant hiking, backpacking, and alpine routes that provide exercise, solace, and stunning views of the vertiginous landscape. The mountains are also a great source of inspiration for artists, including local favorite Gordon Gilkey (1912–2000). He captured these abstract views of the Northern Cascades in the 1960s, distilling the ridgeline to a series of lively arabesque lines.

Mary Weaver Chapin, Curator of Prints and Drawings

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Gordon W. Gilkey, Northern Cascade Mountains, 1968, ink on paper, The Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Graphic Arts Collection, © Portland Art Museum, 83.57.477

Detail, Northern Cascade Mountains, 25 ½ x 20 1/16 inches, ink on paper. A vertical rectangular work showing bold brushstrokes in black ink on brownish-taupe paper. Thick lines form undulating loops, ovals and half-circle shapes. Some of the thick lines end using a drybrush technique creating areas of scratchy coverage with the paper beneath showing through the ink. At the bottom left corner, the words “Detail, Northern Cascade Mountains, Gordon Gilkey Febr 1968
Gordon W. Gilkey, Detail, Northern Cascade Mountains, 1968, ink on paper, The Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Graphic Arts Collection, © Portland Art Museum, 83.57.339

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