Daily Art Moment: Joe Feddersen

Two upright rectangles, side by side with a narrow white border on all sides and separating the two. Bands of color softly blend to compose the background. The layers from the top are blue, purple, peach, creamy white, turquoise, creamy white, and pale lavender, blending to purple at bottom. In some areas, the bands seem to match up from one panel to the next; in other areas they are slightly misaligned. Overlaying these bands of color in the upper two-thirds of the painting are scattered lace-like formations suggesting clouds. The lower third of the painting containing the creamy white, turquoise, and purple bands are mostly free of clouds. Long, thin, diagonal lines streak from top left to bottom right over the entire painting. The lines change color depending on position over other colors: pink over purple, white over peach, burgundy over blue, and so on.

“Coming upon Joe Feddersen’s Blue Horizon, from the series Rainscape feels like the perfect embodiment of our elongated spring in the Pacific Northwest, and much like the very weather we are having this week. Blue Horizon captures the opulent layers of the dawn sky as indirect sunlight scatters the soft hues to layers of delicate blues, peach, and lavender across the horizon. Rain is depicted as diagonal lines crossing the sky, at moments, picking up the very colors from the atmosphere.

Feddersen’s Rainscape series began in 1981, depicts different skies varied by season, the time of day, and certainly different moods. While Blue Horizon is a lithograph, Fedderson incorporated many different print media for this series to create varying sumptuous surfaces including monotype, monoprint, woodblock, serigraphy, and chine collé. Blue Horizon particularly feels like spring showers as the nurturing rain offers renewal and growth.”

Grace Kook-Anderson, The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Northwest Art

Joe Feddersen (American and Colville, born 1953). Blue Horizon, from the series “Rainscape,” 1984. Color lithographs on paper; diptych. Gift of Kay WalkingStick, 2003.63a,b © Joe Feddersen

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