Daily Art Moment: Sally Haley

Yellow onions in a commercial red, mesh bag depicted with a high level of realism and resting against a backdrop of four rectilinear planes in deep, reddish shades.

“Artist Sally Haley shows us the common yet simple elegance of a red mesh bag of yellow onions. Typical of Haley’s work, detailed and simple still-lifes are set against minimal and flat backgrounds. Onions are a common presence in most kitchens, they are a base for many cuisines around the world, building up rich flavors to varying dishes. Onions have served as medicine and for art. From a brown onion skin, rich, natural dyes create varying hues from turmeric gold to deep purples. In this moment, while we shelter-in-place and practice patience, I hope it also brings us moments of seeing the deeper riches in seemingly simple things. Onions are a fixture in our kitchen and I take comfort in seeing how they rest on the counter, full of potential and healing, waiting to deliver sustenance.”

Grace Kook-Anderson, The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Northwest Art

Sally Haley (American, 1908–2007). Untitled (Onions in Red Bag), 1992. Acrylic on canvas. Gift from Gary Lewis Moe in memory of Kevin Michael McGee, 2015.92.42 © Sally Haley

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