Daily art Moment: Sanford Biggers

A square photo with a background of blue sky and fluffy, white clouds. Superimposed over this are the words “just us” using a thick font that features more blue sky and white clouds. Along the bottom edge are the words “Plan Your”. “Plan” and “Vote” are in white font, “Your” and “.Org” are in dark blue font.

PLAN YOUR VOTE is a 2020 visual-artist initiative from VOTE.ORG that encourages and empowers citizens to exercise their right to vote. It’s urgent to PLAN YOUR VOTE. In Oregon, ensure that you receive your mail-in ballot by following these steps by October 13.

☑ Register to vote if you haven’t already.
☑ Verify your registration.
☑ Check your absentee status.
☑ Set a reminder.

Visit for more resources.

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