Daily Art Moment: Virgil Ortiz

Stylized figure adorned with black-and-white triangular patterns. Details include reddish circular earrings similar to the shape of the lips, a long ponytail, and whip.

“This figurine has somehow become my unofficial mascot since I started this position in 2019. She is an example of a powerful woman who is also beautiful and stylish. You might not even notice she is holding a whip! She reminds me to be brave and confident as I face many new responsibilities and challenges, but also to have fun.”

Kathleen Ash-Milby, Curator of Native American Art

Virgil Ortiz (American and Cochiti, born 1969). Clay Figure, from “Tourniquet” Series, 2009. White clay slip, red clay slip, and black (wild spinach) paint on Cochiti red clay. Museum Purchase: Funds provided by Elizabeth Cole Butler Auction Proceeds, 2015.49.1 © Virgil Ortiz

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