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32 Sounds

Sep 8, 2023 - Sep 9, 2023
8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR
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This event is being held on Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th from 8pm to 9:30pm both nights. Choose one of the night options below to reserve your spot.


Directed and Performed by Sam Green
Composed and Performed by JD Samson, with Michael O’Neill

32 Sounds is an immersive documentary and profound sensory experience from Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Sam Green (The Weather Underground, A Thousand Thoughts) featuring original music by JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN) that explores the elemental phenomenon of sound. The film is a meditation on the power of sound to bend time, cross borders, and profoundly shape our perception of the world around us. The film will be presented in its “live cinema” form, featuring live narration by Sam Green and live original music by JD Samson.

32 Sounds weaves together a series of 32 vignettes, each about a specific audio recording that hits an emotional, political or conceptual note. These notes reflect a broad range of sonic and cultural experiences for a meditation on the ephemeral nature of sound, its relationship with time and perception, and importantly, the subtle yet radical politics that arise from being present in one’s body.

32 Sounds will provide headphones for every audience member to create an incredible binaural sound mix and add a new, deeply immersive element to the live documentary form.

32 Sounds Is the Greatest Documentary You’ve Ever Heard” 

Rolling Stone