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The Portland Art Museum is committed to providing meaningful access to as many visitors as possible. Below is information that can help ensure your visit is as accessible as possible.

Accessibility Questions or Feedback

503-276-4284 phone

503-420-3169 direct videophone for Deaf visitors

Purchasing Tickets

  • Ticket Purchasing: Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. If these processes aren’t accessible to you, please contact our access email or phone line for assistance.
  • Admission Access Programs: Reduced ticket prices are available for visitors through our Admission Access Programs.
  • Complimentary Companion Tickets: Companions and care-providers accompanying Disabled visitors receive free admission. Purchase your ticket then email or call us with your name, contact info, date/time of your ticket, and request a companion ticket and we will reserve one that will be waiting for you at the box office.

Getting to the Museum

Accessible Entrance

  • Access via 10th Ave sidewalk, through the outdoor sculpture courtyard (courtyard with large fencing around it), and up to the door of the Hoffman lobby by the gift shop is accessible, with very little slope.
  • To access the door from Park Ave – go through the right side of the courtyard, just past the steps, to the ramp. The cement wall that serves as a back to the benches at the top of the steps hides the ramp from view.
  • The far right door into the Hoffman Lobby has a push button on the wall to the right of the door.


TriMet Lift

The best place for drop off and pick up is in front of the courtyard between the main museum building (1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205) and the Mark Building (1119 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205) at Madison Street. There are two accessible parking spots with a loading zone behind them. There are cement planter benches which can be used while waiting.

The museum is located near the following stops and lines: 

The Art Museum stop (6493) on the NS and A loop streetcar lines. 

The SW 11 and Jefferson (10759) stop on the NS and B loop streetcar lines. 

The SW 10th and Jefferson bus stop (3049) serving lines 6, 38, 45, 55, 58, 68.


There are two metered accessible parking spaces on the museum side of SW Park Avenue in front of the courtyard with a 2-hour limit, and two metered accessible parking spaces across the street from the museum on 10th Avenue with a 4-hour limit. The paid parking lot next to the museum at the intersection of Park and Main has four accessible parking spaces. Prices in the lot vary and at times the kiosk is turned off which means the Reef mobile app must be used to pay.

Navigating the Museum


  • All galleries in the museum can be accessed via elevators. One elevator runs from the Lower Level to 4th floor in the main building. The second runs from the Lower Level to 4th floor in the Jubitz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • If an elevator is out of order, a notice will be posted on the top banner of our website and on our social media accounts.
  • If an elevator is out, staff can assist with alternate routes.
  • Most special exhibitions start on the second floor. Use the Hoffman Lobby elevator in the main building, choose 2nd floor on the back elevator door, and exit into the gallery. From here you can navigate to the hallway to the beginning of the exhibition. Visitor Services Associates are happy to assist with directions.
  • Both elevators are equipped with a call button in case of emergency. Both buildings are equipped with evacuation devices designed to assist wheelchair users in safely navigating the stairs if an elevator is not available.


All restrooms have accessible stalls but no power doors. All restrooms have step stools under the sink.

Single-user, all gender restrooms are available in the back of the museum store at the exit of the Special Exhibition Gallery and also on the fourth floor of the main building. 

Gendered restrooms are available on the lower level, second floor, and third floor.

There are no restrooms available in the Jubitz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art. 

There are multiple gendered, multi-user restrooms with accessible stalls in the Mark Building.

Standard Accessibility Offerings

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome. If your service animal is not a dog or miniature horse, please contact us in advance so we can plan together.

Mobility Devices 

Manual wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches are available free of charge. We currently have 11 wheelchairs, 5 walkers, and 1 set of crutches. We do our best to provide them upon request, but we do encourage visitors to reserve them in advance, especially during busy times. Please use the information below to determine which item would best meet your needs, then email or call us with your name, date and time of visit, and the item you are requesting. We will put the reservation in our internal system and our Visitor Services Associates will have it ready for you when you check in at the box office.

Wheelchair Sizes:

  • Youth: 125 lb capacity
  • Adult small: 250 lb capacity, seat 16 wide x 15 deep
  • Adult Medium: 250 lb capacity, seat 18 wide x 15 1/2 deep
  • Adult Large: 250 lb capacity, seat 18 wide x 18 deep
  • Adult X Large: 500 lb capacity, seat 23 1/2 wide x 17 deep

Walker Types:

  • 3 have 4 wheels, with seats and handbrakes
  • 1 has 4 wheels and a seat, but is made for standing taller while walking
  • 1 without a seat or brakes

Crutches: We currently have 1 pair of crutches with adjustable sizing.

Photosensitivity Notices

We aim to provide notices of any art that may trigger photosensitivity. Please feel free to contact us and ask for a current list.

Accessible Digital Labels

All special exhibitions will have accessible digital labels posted on the special exhibition webpage. This will include the content of all object labels and wall text. QR codes that link to these labels will be available in the galleries. We are still rebuilding from the pandemic, but aim to include these for other galleries as soon as possible.

Image Descriptions

We are currently working to provide image descriptions for all objects in our special exhibitions. A small team works to get them out as quickly as possible. If you’d like to join our email list to receive updates please let us know. They will be added to the accessible digital labels as they are completed.

Audio Description

We are working towards creating audio descriptions for all media on view. If you encounter one that does not have this and would like a description please let us know.


We are working towards captioning all media on view. If you encounter one that does not have this please let us know. We provide automated real time captioning for in-person and virtual programming. If you’d like to request CART or TypeWell please contact us in advance of the program with your request.

Assistive Listening Devices

T-coil compatible FM assistive listening devices with neck loops or headphones for those without hearing aids are available free of charge for tours, programs, and film screenings. Please email or call in advance to let us know you would like to utilize them and staff will have them ready at the event.

Program Accessibility

We aim to provide ASL/English interpreters and automated real time captioning for all programs, both virtual and in real life. We also aim to have assistive listening devices available for all in person programs. We will ask speakers to provide verbal descriptions and to describe images shared in presentations. Audio description is available with advance requests. Each program calendar event page will outline the accessibility planned.

YouTube Channel

All programs uploaded to YouTube will have corrected captions and we aim to provide ASL/English Interpreting with them also. Transcripts can be viewed on YouTube or you can reach out to request a copy of a program transcript. You may also contact us to request audio description.

Guided Tours

All guided tours, including artNOW and Sensing Art, are currently paused due to the pandemic. We welcome individuals and groups to come independently. If you have questions or would like assistance gathering resources before your visit please reach out via email or phone. If you would like to be added to the email list to be notified when these tours start again please let us know.

Website Information

If our website is not accessible to you, please reach out and we will be happy to provide the information in an alternate format.


We are constantly working to be more accessible and inclusive. We welcome your feedback and ideas. You can give feedback on your after-visit survey or reach out directly. If you would like to speak with our Head of Accessibility, Becky Emmert, just make that request in your message and she will reach out to you as soon as possible.

503-276-4284 message phone

503-420-3169 direct videophone for Deaf visitors

"14,719" Hank Willis Thomas at Getting a Feel for Art
“14,719” Hank Willis Thomas at Getting a Feel for Art

Upcoming Events

The events listed have real time captioning, American Sign Language/English Interpreters, and/or Audio Description already scheduled. If an event is not listed or you would like to request additional accommodations please email us at, or call 503-276-4284.