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Borrowing Artworks

With construction of the new Rothko Pavilion fast approaching, the Museum enacted a moratorium on all outgoing loans until July 2025.

Requesting Images and Permissions

All requests must be made by application. Requests for permission to reproduce an image for publication must be made in writing and include the intended use, the publisher, title of the publication, and expected date of publication.

The Portland Art Museum reserves the right to deny permission to reproduce an image from its collection to any application whose product is not acceptable to the Portland Art Museum for any reason. Reproduction is permitted only from materials supplied by the Portland Art Museum.

Permission, if granted, is valid only for the individual, company, or institution to whom it is specifically issued and may not be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise disposed of without the Portland Art Museum’s permission in writing. Permission shall not be granted until payment processing of the required fees for reproduction.


Upon date of publication, the publisher is to provide the Portland Art Museum with at least one complete, gratis copy of the publication in which the image is reproduced. If so requested, a proof must be approved by the Portland Art Museum before reproduction of an image in color. If a proof is still not judged sufficient quality even after correction, the Portland Art Museum has the right to withdraw permission to publish.

Certain works of art owned by the Portland Art Museum may be protected by a copyright not owned by the Portland Art Museum. Responsibility for ascertaining whether any such rights exist, for paying any royalties or fees claimed by the artist, his or her heirs or estate, and for obtaining all other necessary permissions, remains with the applicant. Permission documents must be submitted along with the application before the photographic materials will be released.


Download the application form, or contact the Rights and Reproductions Department for more information. Return the completed application to the Rights and Reproductions Department.

Rights Application

By Mail
Rights and Reproductions Department
Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205

By Fax

By Phone

By Email

The Portland Art Museum makes no warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims against applicant of the Museum by the artists, their agents, estates, or by any parties in connection with the reproduction of works of art in the collection of the Portland Art Museum. The applicant agrees to indemnify the Portland Art Museum and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, including copyright infringement claims, royalty or fee demands and/or actions, including the costs thereof arising as a result of the applicant’s reproduction of the works of art in the Portland Art Museum. Copyright owners or reproduction rights may be retained by the artist for works of art created after January 1, 1978. Any and all royalty payments or other requirements specified by the copyright owner of such a work must be paid or honored by the publisher or agent requesting reproduction permission.